GlobalNow Talent Marketplace

Our Marketplace provides outstanding talent in an affordable and timely fashion. We are efficient, reliable, and affordable.


Global Reach

The marketplace includes talent from the United States, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia; ensuring resource availability from locations that best meet your specific needs and budget.



Proven resources based on verified skill and experience, compliance with rigorous operational standards, and local oversight performed by the participating suppliers.



Access to multiple locations and suppliers provides affordable options, with streamlined operations through a unique collaboration platform that reduces cost and improves efficiencies.

The GlobalNow Talent Marketplace is the revolutionary answer to the growing shortage of high-quality technical talent. Although the staffing industry has seen marketplace solutions that attempt to address this demand, there isn’t a comprehensive, streamlined solution that addresses the following critical requirements:

  • Ability to supply high-quality talent as needed on both a short-term and long-term basis
  • Ability to manage resources in a fashion that ensures successful project delivery
  • Ability to efficiently cross borders (culture and geographic) when appropriate

The GlobalNow Talent Marketplace is powerfully different. We solve this problem by combining our unique resource network of proven suppliers with a proprietary cloud-based talent sourcing and management platform called VERSO.

The GlobalNow Talent marketplace is comprised of trusted suppliers from around the world. GlobalNow maintains and grades this pool of proven suppliers from the United States, Latin America, ASIA, and eastern Europe with specialized expertise in a variety of software development and QA technologies. Working closely with you, the suppliers perform program management and quality control, including local resource supervision and oversight.

Client benefits include:

  • Talent availability – the network is far-reaching, providing talent from around the globe
  • Security – the contract is through GlobalNow, a U.S.-based company established in 2005
  • Flexibility – clients can choose from the preferred locations that are most suited to their needs
  • Quality – suppliers adhere to GlobalNow’s rigorous operational standards and provide local supervision and oversight of resources
  • Affordability – typical market rates found in the respective global regions
  • Efficiency – use of the VERSO system enables a seamless and transparent process for resource acquisition

The GlobalNow Talent management platform is the VERSO® resource management portal, which creates a seamless workflow with supporting business intelligence capability, allowing an integrated approach throughout the resource delivery chain – from client to GlobalNow, administration, and to our suppliers: resulting in improved speed and quality through a truly global reach.