Global Reach Reliable Talent

Our global resources deliver client requirements in an affordable and timely fashion. We are efficient, flexible, reliable and affordable.

Global Reach

Resource network deployed across U.S., Latin America and Asia and can expand as needed to meet customer requirements.


Proven resources based on successful engagements. Teams are comprised of a project director and experienced program managers responsible for overseeing specific regions and technicians.


Adherence to proven operating procedures and methods – using a collaboration portal which provides oversight and tracking of all activities.
GlobalNow is a technology services company providing solutions for Global Fixed Asset Management with headquarters in Dallas Texas. GlobalNow was founded in 2002 by a group of seasoned business and technology professionals with their original mission to “Generate revenue for clients while ensuring delivery”. Since then, GlobalNow has evolved into a valuable solutions provider that enhances its client’s performance in the areas of revenue generation, customer satisfaction, and profitability.
  • IT Asset Management 90%
  • System Administration 85%
  • Inventory Services 75%
  • Equipment Testing 90%
  • Fulfillment Services 100%

We think that you will Love GlobalNow.
Our focus is first and foremost to provide you with great customer service. We believe great customer service includes attributes such as timely delivery, meeting commitments, being responsive to issues, availability of resources for communication and flexibility to incorporate change. Building a trusted relationship with you based on these values is ultimately what allows both of us to be successful.
We strive to incorporate our core values into everything we do. This includes being honest throughout our processes and communication, transparency with our clients, working hard while gaining satisfaction from meeting tough challenges, respect for global diversity and individual team members, and taking seriously our client’s needs and challenges. Working with like-minded clients who share these values is when we realize our greatest potential.

“The GlobalNow team delivered our highly visible and challenging projects on time and without any major incident; due to their flexibility and willingness to do what it took to get the job done.”

Lee Carter, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Alliances, Synaptyk Networks, LLC


Are Your Employees Among the 160 Million Users Stuck on XP?

With 40% of computers still running Windows XP on a global scale, companies need a reliable resource to step in, manually uninstall, install, and deploy enterprise-wide updates in multiple locations around world. Do you have adequate resources? What global services are available outside your company? How much time will it take to complete? How do you best coordinate such massive changes globally?   Good questions that business decision makers everywhere are asking, looking for a cost effective, streamlined way to accomplish this major transition of migrating from XP.   April 8, 2014 — the deadline has come and gone. Microsoft will no longer release any patches or updates for XP, even if critical bugs are found. The only exceptions will be for large corporate customers willing to pay $200 per computer for a year’s extension of “premier” support for hundreds, or thousands of machines. Definitely not cost effective.   Since you’re going to have to migrate anyway, you might as well as move toward an XP-free future now, instead of waiting for attackers to wreak havoc with your digital life. Take into consideration some of the XP migration challenges ahead that could include:   1) A lack of governance over their application library and the pervasiveness of rogue applications that are not managed by IT, but are critical to the business; 2) Overcoming application compatibility issues associated with both third-party and custom developed software 3) Overcoming web-based application compatibility issues associated with the upgrade to a modern browser 4) Automating a “zero touch” deployment strategy 5) Preparing for future cloud computing and application and desktop virtualization strategies 6) Determining... read more

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