Globalnow suppliers


The mission of the GlobalNow Talent Marketplace is to provide global technical talent to clients in a reliable, affordable and timely fashion. This mission is enabled by our highly appreciated and valuable technology suppliers that actively participate in the marketplace.

Participate as a supplier in the GTM ecosystem?

The GlobalNow Talent Marketplace provides boutique IT suppliers from all over the world a unique opportunity to secure more clients, increase revenue and enter new markets. Software and related tech companies often struggle to penetrate new markets without significant funding and “in market” sales/marketing representatives. While there are no guarantees to generate revenue through our marketplace, it provides a low risk and low-cost approach to capturing specific staffing opportunities. Plus, during the initial trial period, supplier’s platform subscription fees will be waived.

supplier requirements:


Supplier terms are outlined in the supplier agreement found through the agreement link below. In addition, suppliers should complete and submit the form below with the information requested. Once the agreement and form are completed to GlobalNo w’s satisfaction, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on participation procedures, and we will schedule a one-hour TEAMS session with your representatives to review the system guide and user procedures.

Important Points and advice for consideration:

  1. If you receive a Talent Request, it is important to accept or decline the request as soon as possible. GlobalNow administration will then know if you are working on the request.
  2. You should be thorough in completing your candidate submissions, in accordance with our procedures.
  3. You will not necessarily be exclusive to your market, additional suppliers in your region may also receive the same Talent Request for fulfillment. However, once you successfully engage (submission is accepted) with a client with one of your candidates, the client will have the right to request your services exclusively for additional talent request.
  4. If the same candidate is submitted by more than one supplier for the same Talent Request, the first submission will be considered.
  5. Ownership of candidates?
  1. Strong recommendation – it is timely you communicate clearly with the client on status of the TR
  2. GlobalNow chooses which Suppliers to receive TRs, solely based on the judgement and discretion of GlobalNow management.
  3. Over time, suppliers will be graded based on their responsiveness, timely communication, quality of submissions, and quality of candidates hired, and client satisfaction surveys.
  4. Please read ALL FAQs. It is important you understand the process, and please feel free to ask any questions you may have by emailing GTM at


If you are interested in applying as a supplier please fill out the form below: