Suppliers meet our GTM standards based on research, verifications, proven performance and trusted referrals.

Our certification program includes scrutiny of the business, track record within the industry, intent, and goodwill, and judgment of capabilities.

They range greatly, from small boutique companies to larger regional solution providers.

If you would like to terminate your agreement, send an email to your GTM contact.

Yes, once you have executed a service contract with a Supplier, you can denote the supplier as preferred.

We encourage you to communicate and settle the dispute directly with the supplier, we do assist through a dispute resolution process outlined in the user agreement.

No, we do not guarantee. But, we strive to provide the highest quality of resources from high-quality and trustworthy suppliers.

Yes you pay the Supplier fees to GlobalNow via ACH, GlobalNow pays the Supplier directly.

No, that is the Supplier. However, we have a rigorous process to select partners for GTM inclusion, and we rank and manage their performance over time.

You can terminate the service contract at any time. But, you must pay for hours worked up until the termination notice effective date.

No. you work directly with the Supplier. A management channel is created in TEAMS or Slack to facilitate communication. Go here if you prefer the GlobalNow IT managed resource offering.

Globalnow IT is a managed contract staffing service, which not only sources and hires talent, but helps manage talent and ensures quality performance. You can contact GlobalNow IT at

Your user agreement and service contract is executed between you and GlobalNow Resources Inc.  Once you accept a Supplier resource submission in the VERSO platform, a service contract is executed directly between you and the Supplier.