Update on VERSO:


We have now launched to the general market (beyond our initial flagship customers)!  

Please see the attached link to the website describing our VERSO ™ software.

VERSO is a reverse logistics portal; automating the key functions of Returns (RMA) Management, Spare Parts Ordering, Field Services and Trouble Reporting.

Our differentiation includes:

  • Focus on improving the customer experience through a single portal to manage these common reverse logistics functions
  • High level of flexibility – to accommodate multiple workflows, customers, locations, needs, etc.
  • Automation of the process through data interface with supporting ERPs and other systems
  • Both Software as a Service (SaaS) and traditional on premise delivery options

The about approach enables VERSO to be the ideal solution for manufacturers, distributors, and dealers that need a solution to:

  • gain efficiencies and reduce cost
  • improve the experience of their customers
  • gain visibility to their reverse supply chain activities
  • encourage customer retention and additional revenue generation
  • more

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