Reverse Logistics Software in the Real World

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Paul Kern at Argus Connection to take a tour of their warehouse facility earlier this week, which gave me some great insight on how asset recovery and disposition is handled by a well run company.  Argus provides desktop/equipment deployment services to a number of markets, but also offers asset recovering, hard drive cleansing, and part disposition services.   I was struck by the value that they are able to create for their customer base and themselves, by providing timely deployment of equipment while extracting revenue from discarded equipment and associated parts.

We had good conversations about the importance of data when understanding the market value of scrap, individual parts, and hard drive cleansing.   To me, it reinforced the importance of what GlobalNow is providing on with our reverse logistics software, as well as our field techs.   Our portals must have the ability to:

  • Track the status of parts and derivative components at a very granular level
  • Quickly add new fields  as needed to capture evolving information (without programming)
  • Customize workflow  –  since it can vary at the customer and contract levels
  • Capture both price and cost associated with the components – allowing proper pricing for resell and disposition
  • Provide real time data analysis – understanding performance of components across the reverse logistics supply chain
  • Extend tracking for all stakeholders into all facets of the business – ensuring high levels of communication

Thankfully, our software seems to meet the above requirements.

With the tour by friends at Argus, I can see firsthand the need for the right types of systems and processes.   Thanks again Argus, and I look forward to learning more about the intricacies of reverse logistics (including returns and spare parts management) so we can better serve our own customers.



  1. The challenge managers face is the real impact on profits due to the costs of managing returned units, regardless of whether they are reclaimable or not. Same concern regarding call centers to support customers, which is also considered strictly a cost center. The question that often goes unasked is how we turn such cost centers into profit centers. That takes a good reverse logistics partner and innovation on our part. Good software in the hands of a manager, hosted by the reverse logistics partner, is a critical success enabler.

  2. Nice job! There are many struggling to do really have an impact with reverse logistics.

  3. Excellent review. Outstanding software! Having first hand knowledge of the effect of “overstocks” as a result of reverse logistics it appears to me that the issue is what does a company keep versus what do they trash. Hopefully what is “kept” can be turned into profits and what is “trashed” will also contribute to profits.

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