Resource Network Marketplace is enhanced through the VERSO portal

GlobalNow Inc. announced today the introduction of the VERSO recruitment management system in support of the GlobalNow Resource Network service offering.


Per Bob Foster, president of GlobalNow Inc., “We’re excited about our recent release of VERSO, our recruiting partner management platform, which will enhance our GlobalNow Resource Partner Network. This platform will better enable our clients to find and collaborate with great IT talent from strategic worldwide locations.  The VERSO workflow management portal is the ideal fit to extend and enhance our resource network, as it was custom configured for our specific management and client requirements.”


The GlobalNow Resource Network is comprised of a growing group of proven service providers, making available superior talent to GlobalNow for inclusion on clients’ software development and software testing teams. This approach helps ensure the availability of high quality talent through the efficient selection and management of high demand resources. VERSO reinforces this offering by enhancing workflow management, collaboration, security, and communication within the existing process.


Per Michael Richardson, Technical Director and Partner at Solutia Consulting “The GlobalNow Resource Network has consistently provided us complementary high-quality IT talent when needed. With the expansion of the Network and the inclusion of the VERSO system, the GlobalNow solution will become even more efficient and valuable to clients of all sizes.”


For those interested in learning more about the GlobalNow Resource Network, you can reach GlobalNow at For solution providers that may be interested in participating in the partner program, please inquire at and an administrator will share the program guidelines and requirements.