Inventory Management

Inventory management is important for many reasons, including tracking your sales, knowing what is on hand and what needs to be reordered, as well as conducting trend analysis.

Inventory tracking is necessary to meet these critical business requirements:

  • Valid accounting records for tax and compliance purposes
  • Assets that work in accordance with specifications
  • Outsourcing agreements reflective of actual asset inventories (pre- and post- contracts)
  • Complete accuracy of vendor/customer lease and managed service billing records
  • And more

The life cycle of your business depends on the success of ensuring the above requirements. When issues and changes surface that require asset replacements, new outsourcing agreements or large equipment upgrades or migrations, it is imperative to have reliable inventory management resources in place.

There are quality SaaS-based software solutions on the market, but often the actual physical work is needed immediately and/or on site and thus costly or inefficient to manage with only existing resources. That’s why many businesses prefer to partner with GlobalNow for IT asset management, tracking and inventory.

When looking for an asset management partner, GlobalNow sets itself apart from others by offering these qualities:

  • Our global reach gives us a resource network that spans the world, including Latin America and Asia.
  • We are founded on reliability as proven by our successful engagements.
  • The efficiency of our collaboration, project management, oversight and tracking covers vital operating procedures.
  • The combined efficiencies and in labor cost are passed on to our clients creating a highly affordable solution.

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