Technical Services

Why you need us?

Large hardware, telecommunication and other equipment provider’s lease and support equipment to their major clients across the globe. This includes equipment such as servers, gateways, routers, devices, switches, and other computing equipment. Verification and tracking of this equipment on a periodic basis is an important fixed asset management function that requires the use of qualified and reliable resources.

In addition, regional companies of all types often have retail and/or support offices located in multiple countries and cities throughout their market area. These locations normally have hardware and software which require periodic or ongoing upgrades and support.

However, most companies do NOT maintain necessary staff to perform technical services in a cost effective manner.

What we do

GlobalNow provides “feet on the street” resources to companies when and where they are needed. These people are qualified service technicians with skills in the areas of hardware configuration, software support, telecommunication systems and other broad asset expertise. Our combination of dependable global resources and best practice management techniques allows us to service our clients’ customers/assets based on business demands. Our technicians are located across the globe, including the U.S., Latin America and Asia Pacific regions; ensuring our clients and their customers are provided the highest level of service and support.

Our service philosophy is to listen to you and deliver the right solution based on your needs.

To meet this objective, we’ve developed skill sets across multiple platforms and functional capabilities.


  • Inventory management – including counting and verification of equipment
  • Equipment testing and verification – e.g. phone systems, servers and routers
  • System administrative services – including hardware configuration and application maintenance
  • Software support and maintenance

What Sets Us Apart

  • Global Reach – Resource network deployed across Latin America and Asia and can expand as needed to meet customer requirements.
  • Reliable – Proven resources based on successful engagements. Typical team includes a project director with experienced program managers responsible for overseeing
    specific regions and appropriate technicians in key locations.
  • Efficient – Operating procedures and methods in place – including a collaboration portal for project management which provides oversight and tracking of all activities.
  • Affordable – Combination of efficiencies and lower labor cost passed on to client.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you meet your global project requirements.